Sunday, Jan. 22, 2012

I am going to try to come here and say something, A LOT more of the time.

I have been very busy and time more and more valuable.

I have started working on Cocoon by Carol Sunday, mostly so I am super sure of the path to create it when Sharry’s specially spun yarn arrives for me to create the project for her.

I also need to cast on for her Cranberry Mohair shell. The Cranberry was the right color/shade  the for Cable & Lace Stole, but it was not the right yarn. With a lot of detail in Cable & Lace, I need a less fuzzy yarn…..Palette will be good, just have to get a color ordered.

Butt-ass cold and has been for this whole year so far. I have thought of someplace that only gets freezing, not -50 and 50MPH winds.  Brutal.

Good time to cuddle with yarn every chance I get!


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