Lots have happened and gladly I have time now to get to learn a bit more about blogging. I have been working on Estelle’s Shawl, the Irish Diamond Shawl. It is an easy, fun pattern, forgiving and interesting. I am almost to the edging. It is a bit of a long haul at times, but coming along. The yarn, Nuna



Well, there will be a pile of them, all in white, worsted….swatches in all shapes and sizes designed to test my knitting skills and help me become a better knitter.

One down, maybe 20 to go for this lesson segment.

The yarn comes from KnitPicks and it is just their plain natural worsted, nice maybe even could be next to the skin.

Sock Blanket Mania has Hit

I have long wanted to make my wonderful husband something hand knit. Everytime I find a pattern that I think he may like or would wear I would check and see if he would indeed want this or that……Finally he has agreed to the idea of the sock blanket. He likes the yarns I have…STR and Hacho mostly.

I am very pleased that he will have a blanket that wont slip off in the middle of the night……..hopefully     😮

So in addition to the other items I will challenge myself to accomplish, knit wise……I really want to make him something that will be a snuggly, happy hug from me.

He is the most special person I have ever know and my very best friend ever. I am so lucky!

A Year in Knitting

So, I am rather excited about the year ahead and challenging myself and watching what others create in their challenges for themselves as we knit on our committed~to hand knit patterns of choice.

There are two patterns that I want to make during this challenge…..

Both patterns are from Knitter’s magazine winter, I think as it was current Feb.2011.

1. Daydreams in Lace

2. Purple Reign

For 1, I have the yarn in stash from STR BMFA  and for the second pattern I just ordered yarn from KP.

There are a number of classes I have committed to to further my knitting…..some have started NOW and others coming soon.

I am working through the classes before taking the Big ones I want to take, which is Ultimately going to be the Masters in Knitting. So I will be working on this goal throughout the year of knitting.

There are a number of unfinished knitting projects that I want to complete as well.