Sock Blanket Mania has Hit

I have long wanted to make my wonderful husband something hand knit. Everytime I find a pattern that I think he may like or would wear I would check and see if he would indeed want this or that……Finally he has agreed to the idea of the sock blanket. He likes the yarns I have…STR and Hacho mostly.

I am very pleased that he will have a blanket that wont slip off in the middle of the night……..hopefully     😮

So in addition to the other items I will challenge myself to accomplish, knit wise……I really want to make him something that will be a snuggly, happy hug from me.

He is the most special person I have ever know and my very best friend ever. I am so lucky!


A Year in Knitting

So, I am rather excited about the year ahead and challenging myself and watching what others create in their challenges for themselves as we knit on our committed~to hand knit patterns of choice.

There are two patterns that I want to make during this challenge…..

Both patterns are from Knitter’s magazine winter, I think as it was current Feb.2011.

1. Daydreams in Lace

2. Purple Reign

For 1, I have the yarn in stash from STR BMFA  and for the second pattern I just ordered yarn from KP.

There are a number of classes I have committed to to further my knitting…..some have started NOW and others coming soon.

I am working through the classes before taking the Big ones I want to take, which is Ultimately going to be the Masters in Knitting. So I will be working on this goal throughout the year of knitting.

There are a number of unfinished knitting projects that I want to complete as well.